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Welcome to the website of the research project "The Effect of Leadership Skills and Leaders' Affective Configuration on Outcomes".

This project is focusing on the study of the relevance of individual leadership skills, the importance of cooperation but also of the convergence of objectives among leadership dyads (medical director / nursing manager) in the neonatal intensive care units (NICU). Therefore our research questions are how should such a dyad ideally functions, how influential its role can be regarding the establishment of safety climate and climate for collaboration among employees and in in what extent the quality of health care provided to NICU patients could lie on these. Find out more about the scientific background of the project here.

 We are now about to contact all NICUs in Germany, aiming in the recruitment of leadership dyads in the research project. Information regarding progress of the project will be updated in this website on a regular basis.


Your participation as a leadership dyad, but also as a member of the NICU team is important to enable our research team investigate the cooperation between medical and nursing management, better understand and analyze the relevance of this cooperation for the team and the quality of health care provided. Additionally you could substantially contribute to gain new insights in the field and to improve the quality of health care provided in the NICUs. All participants will receive a summary of the main results after completing the study.  For every filled questionnaire that we will receive 1 euro will be donated to "Das frühgeborene Kind e.V.". The amount of money donated already will be available once the recruitment phase is over.